Tania Gill Quartet — Disappearing Curiosities (CD/ DL out 11 March 2022)

Genre(s): Contemporary Jazz
RIYL: Paul Bley, Connie Crothers, Thelonious Monk, Christian Wallumrød Ensemble, Brodie West Quintet, Lina Allemano.


Tania Gill: Website | Bandcamp

ABOUT: Tania Gill‘s name will undoubtedly be familiar to anyone that’s been keeping a close eye on Toronto’s jazz and experimental scenes over the past two decades.  The Tania Gill Quartet launched their debut Bolger Station (Barnyard Records) in 2010 to numerous accolades including a nomination for ‘debut album of the year’ in The Village Voice jazz critics’ poll, and a spot on The Globe and Mail’s top 10 discs of the year. Disappearing Curiosities, the band’s follow up, continues to mine Gill’s polar fascinations—pensive lyricism and playful angularity with new energy and maturity.

The group features Gill on piano & synthesizer alongside brilliant improvisers Lina Allemano (trumpet), Rob Clutton (bass), and Nico Dann (drums)

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