Riparian Media offers reasonably priced publicity, grant-writing and other service for artists, events, and organizations operating within what could loosely be termed “exploratory music.”

Our advocacy draws on years of varied experience within music-making — performance, composition, event production, and music journalism. We are firm believers in community and in achieving greater visibility clients, we aim to discover new reciprocal connections between disparate agents within the musical ecosystem. We honour the artistry of musicians and creators, but also those behind the scenes — writers, curators, audience-members — and hope to open new channels for resource-sharing, dialogue, and, most of all, sonic curiosity.

We are proud to say that we have facilitated visibility for our clients in a number of notable media outlets including: The Wire, DownBeat Magazine, BBC Radio 3, Tiny Mix Tapes, the Vancouver Sun, Exclaim! Magazine, I Care If You Listen, WFMU, Jazz Journal, International Piano and many more.



copywriting — press releases, promotional texts, artist bios, CVs, liner notes.

— preparation, design, and distribution of promotional packages

— bespoke, direct-contact publicity with online, print media, and radio. For us, every publicity project is unique. Not only does each entail new research to discover suitable media outlets for the client, we write to each of our contacts individually in an effort to speak to their unique position within the community.

To read more about the publicity procedure for album promotion click here.


Brodie West | Everyseeker (formerly OBEY Convention) | Zula Presents / Something Else! Festival | Joseph Petric | Jordan Nobles | Luciane Cardassi | PEP (Piano and Erhu Project) | junctQín keyboard collective | A. Hutchie | New Chance | Anna Höstman | Cheryl Duvall | Somewhere There Creative Music Festival | Rob Clutton | Stranger Still / See Through 4 / Pete Johnston | Najva Ensemble / Reza Manbachi | Andrew Wedman | New Hermitage | Labyrinth Ontario Musical Workshop | George Crotty

Please contact us for further information, samples, and to request pricing.

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