Stranger Still — The Songs Which Are

Out: April 14th, 2023 on All-Set! Editions (CD/ DL)
Genres:  folk, progressive/ experimental rock
All-Set! Editions : BANDCAMP

Stranger Still‘s second album, The Songs Which Are, expands from the the lanky homespun charisma of its predecessor, 2019’s Songs of Bread, Wine and Salt, ushering in flowing melodies and richer, more varied arrangements

Led by Toronto-based composer Pete Johnston, collaborator to the likes of Nick Fraser, Marilyn Lerner, and Lina Allemano, Stranger Still sees him spinning beautifully eccentric folk songs from the poetry of beloved East Coast writer Alden Nowlan (1933-83). In this band, Johnston hands his primary instrument—the double bass—over to brilliant colourist Rob Clutton, and picks up the acoustic guitar. While he occasionally sings, but Mim Adams and Randi Helmers are the primary voices that bring Johnston’s meandering, finely woven melodies to life. 

Though decked out in layered acoustic and electric guitars, shimmering vocal counterpoint, and even pipe organ, the group still maintains the delicate tension between minimalism and intricacy at the heart of its sound. The compositions may draw upon the sophistication of everything from Renaissance polyphony to prog rock, but its tidy, pared-down delivery makes the music feel as though it has been reduced to its bare essentials.

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