Rose Bolton — The Lost Clock
(out June 25th, 2021 on Cassauna/ Important Records)

Genre(s): Abstract Electronic, Modern Composition, Electroacoustic, Ambient
RIYL: Popol Vuh, Sarah Davachi, Rafael Toral, Linda Catlin Smith, François Bayle

Press Release

Rose Bolton : Website | Soundcloud
Cassauna/ Important Records : Website | Bandcamp

ABOUT: The JUNO-nominated Rose Bolton’s debut for Important Records subsidiary Cassauna manages to reconcile the disparate streams of its composer’s rich artistic practice. The shadowy sound palette and delicate volatility of form are a testament to Bolton’s imagination and varied experience, which, in addition to electronic music, encompasses chamber and orchestral works, installation, film scores, and beyond. Her extensive work with instrumental forces is reflected in her meticulous sound design here. Although synthetic in origin, this poignant soundworld teems with a dynamic, breathing, tactility.

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