Elizabeth Reid & Alison Bruce Cerutti — Conjuring: Viola Music of David Jaeger

Genres: Modern Composition, Chamber Music, Solo Viola, Electroacoustic




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Composer and producer David Jaeger (b. 1947) occupies a rare, legendary status in Canadian contemporary music circles. His varied compositional output has yielded collaborations with revered performers such as Joseph Petric, Elinor Frey, and Rivka Golani, however Jaeger’s contributions far exceed the body of work he written for performers. In 1971 he was a founding member of the Canadian Electronic Ensemble and today, the ensemble remains the longest-running live-electronics-driven group in the world. Around that same time, Jaeger established a groundbreaking digital sound synthesis facility at the University of Toronto, and shortly thereafter in 1973, he joined the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation becoming one of Canada’s most beloved radio music producers.  Perhaps it’s due to his immersion in such a broad range of soundworlds, but Jaeger’s eclecticism is his musical hallmark. Conjuring, a brand new collection of his viola music presented by Elizabeth Reid provides a vivid illustration of his impressive range of interests and aptitudes as a composer. Spanning tender solo miniatures to expansive electroacoustic pieces, Reid leads listeners on a richly hued auditory adventure.

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