Monica Pearce — Textile Fantasies (out October 14th, 2022) on Centrediscs CD/DL

Genre(s): Contemporary Chamber Music


Monica Pearce: Web
Centrediscs: Bandcamp | Canadian Music Centre

ABOUT: Texas-based Canadian composer Monica Pearce‘s debut full-length release presents a series of keyboard and percussion-driven chamber works each paying homage to the form and feel of a specific textile.   Though she employs smaller instrumental forces throughout it, Textile Fantasies manages to showcase Pearce’s uncanny ability to produce striking and evocative sonorities that seem to maximize her resources and impart an undeniable atmosphere to each composition.  In addition to Pearce’s abilities, this recording also features performances by leading Canadian musicians such as keyboardists Cheryl Duvall, Wesley Chen, Barbara Pritchard, and Joseph Ferretti, tabla player Shawn Mativetsky, as well as renowned ensembles TorQ Percussion and SHHH!! Ensemble.  

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