Marina Hasselberg —Red (out October 21st, 2022) on Redshift Records LP/DL

Genre(s): Solo cello, Modern Composition, Free Improv


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The full-length debut of award-winning Vancouver-based cellist Marina HasselbergRed (Redshift Records) is an ambitious and unconventional proposition built on the foundation of Hasselberg’s diverse musical experience and boundless inquisitiveness.  Over the past decade, she’s traveled a distinctive route, part of which is revealed over the course of the album. She’s worked in early music, free improvisation, on the fringes of pop songcraft, electronic music, contemporary chamber music, as well as an array of interdisciplinary collaborations that resist classification. 

Red takes works by composers Domenico GabrielliLinda Catlin SmithMartin Reisle, and Craig Aalders and folds them into a series of colourful ensemble improvisations. Hasselberg’s approach as an improviser demonstrates a thorough and personal understanding of her instrument and just how to travel through its extensive palette. She is heard here alongside John Zorn collaborator and Tzadik alumnus Aram Bajakian (guitar) and Kenton Loewen (Dan Mangan, Gordon Grdina), revered multi-hyphenate Giorgio Magnanensi (providing a blend of custom-made hardware electronics and Max/MSP). Jesse Zubot (Tania Tagaq, Gordon Grdina, Fond of Tigers) performs on violin and also produced, mixed and mastered the disc.

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