Jordan Nobles — Chiaroscuro
(out July 1st, 2020 on Redshift Records)

Genre(s): Modern Composition
RIYL: Daniel Lentz, Harold Budd, Linda Catlin Smith, Morton Feldman

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Jordan Nobles : Website
Redshift Records : Website | Bandcamp

ABOUT: JUNO-winning Vancouver-area composer Jordan Nobles’ latest offers a panoramic and idiosyncratic take on post-minimal composition. Nobles’ music is curious in orientation and eminently listenable, blending the sensuousness of Harold Budd’s Pavilion of Dreams, Linda Catlin Smith’s brooding sonics, and the exploratory lyricism of composers such as Daniel Lentz and Michael Byron. The spellbinding titular work unfolds thick yet delicate large ensemble textures that variously waft and ooze throughout the aural field. Meanwhile, its more extrovert counterpart, Pulses, brings the sense of rhythmic articulation in and out of focus through orchestrational sleight of hand.

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