Instruments of Happiness —Slow, Quiet Music In Search of Electric Happiness (out April 22nd, 2022 on Redshift Records (CD/DL))

Genre(s): Modern Composition, Chamber Music, Electric Guitar Ensemble, Ambient
RIYL: Rhys Chatham, Fred Frith, Morton Feldman, György Ligeti, Fripp & Eno.


Tim Brady: Website
Redshift Records: Website | Bandcamp

ABOUT: Montréal electric guitar ensemble Instruments of Happiness (led by composer/ guitarist Tim Brady) unveils their third release following a pair acclaimed discs for American imprint Starkland. Its title is quite descriptive of the music found on it; the works were all commissioned to be performed with the four guitarists scattered throughout a highly reverberant space. Yet there’s considerable variety found among its four compositions. Featuring acclaimed Canadian composers Rose Bolton, Andrew Staniland, Louise Campbell, and Andrew Noseworthy, the disc encompasses everything from plush sonic beds to elusive trickling textures, and from the unsettling to the sumptuous.


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