Anna Höstman
Cheryl Duvall, piano — Harbour
(out January 11th, 2020 on Redshift Records)

Genre(s): Modern Composition
RIYL: Jo Kondo, Christian Wolff, Linda Catlin Smith, Morton Feldman

Press Release
Information at Redshift Records

Anna Höstman : Website
Cheryl Duvall : Website
Redshift Records : Website | Bandcamp

About: Harbour is the debut album of both Victoria-based composer, Anna Höstman and Toronto pianist Cheryl Duvall.  Duvall is best known as the co-founder of Thin Edge New Music Collective, a perpetually curious chamber ensemble who have collaborated directly with the likes of Sarah Hennies, Barbara Monk Feldman, Maria De Alvear and Linda Catlin Smith.  Höstman teaches at the University of Victoria, a school long revered for nurturing idiosyncratic talent. Its graduates include Höstman herself, Linda Catlin Smith, Cassandra Miller, Eve Egoyan and eldritch Priest (author of Boring Formless Nonsense). Listed as the Wire’s best Modern Composition album of 2020, its long-form titular piece is a 2021 JUNO-nominee (for Best Classical Composition). I CARE IF YOU LISTEN said that the disc “affirms what levels of expression quiet music is capable of when it is not forced to shout, but rather allowed to unfold on its own terms.”

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