Colin Fisher / Mike Gennaro — Tactile Stories (out July 29th, 2022 on Cacophonous Revival Recordings CD/ CS/ DL)

Genre(s): Free Jazz/ Free Improvisation


Colin Fisher: Web
Mike Gennaro: Bandcamp
Cacophonous Revival Recordings: Bandcamp

ABOUT: Having both cut their teeth in Toronto underground venues from the long-gone Idler Pub to the legendary Music Gallery—Colin Fisher (reeds/ guitar) and Mike Gennaro (drums) first came together as a duo in 2014. That same year yielded Sine Qua Non,a limited edition live recording from Toronto’s now-defunct Arachnidiscs imprint. On Tactile Stories, their second release, the pair have refined their potent, energetic synergy, crafting a collective sound that manages to capture the vibrant urgency of classic free jazz while also alluding to both players’ roots in extensions of punk rock. Tactile Stories‘ four extended pieces are often delivered with a certain ferocity, yet the pair also convey great sensitivity through their exchanges, mutually discovering passages of meditative focus.

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