Ellen Gibling — The Bend in the Light (CD/DL out 4 March 2022)

Genre(s): Irish Traditional Music, Folk, Solo Harp
RIYL: Laoise Kelly, Nils Økland, Maeve Gilchrist, Ryan Molloy, Sinikka Langeland

Press Release

Ellen Gibling : Website | Bandcamp

ABOUT: Ellen Gibling‘s luminous new CD, The Bend in the Light casts the K’jipuktuk/ Halifax, Nova Scotia-based harpist as a dynamic new voice in the folk music landscape. In Gibling’s capable hands, her instrument becomes a loom, as her unique and intricate arrangements serve to weave together an array of both traditional tunes and recent compositions—including some of her own. Gibling’s singular vantage point within traditional Irish music can be attributed to her varied musical background which includes everything from performing in acclaimed improvised music quartet New Hermitage to a Master’s Degree at the University of Limerick’s Masters’ Program in Traditional Irish Music.

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