Eldritch Priest — Omphaloskepsis (2LP/ DL out 4 March 2022 on Halocline Trance)

Genre(s): Modern Composition, Electronic
RIYL: Fennesz, Koeosaeme, Christian Wolff, Eric Chenaux, Bill Connors


Eldritch Priest : Website
Halocline Trance : Bandcamp


It might seem tongue-in-cheek on the surface, but the fact that the title of Eldritch Priest‘s sprawling debut vinyl release, Omphaloskepsis, is the Greek translation for “navel-gazing” unlocks something essential to the Vancouver-based composer and writer’s peculiar outlook.  

This 2LP set from Toronto’s Halocline Trance unfolds like attempting to meditate with a high fever. Any sense of tranquility is constantly derailed as one succumbs to queasy agitation. The piece’s foundation is a seemingly endless guitar melody; an organic meander that becomes tangled with snarls of dense digital processing and shadowed by stumbling virtual “band.”

Priest’s disorienting music has also been performed by top-tier interpreters such as the Arditti Quartet, Quatuor Bozzini, Philip Thomas, Anton Lukoszevieze, and Continuum. Other collaborators of his include the likes of Eric Chenaux, Doug Tielli, Eric KM Clark, Heather Roche, and Rob Clutton.

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