Bekah Simms — Bestiaries (out October 28th, 2022) on Centrediscs LP/ CD/ DL

Genre(s): Contemporary Composition, Large Ensemble


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The third release from fêted Scotland-based Canadian composer Bekah Simms, Bestiaries—her vinyl debut—presents the detailed disquiet of her musical universe on a much larger canvas than ever before. These three large-ensemble works (two of which enlist chamber orchestra-sized forces, soloists and electronics) feature performances by acclaimed artists and ensembles such as ECM+, cellist Amahl Arulanandam, and vocalist Charlotte Mundy.

Each of these pieces deploy a bold and visceral language rooted in spectralist colour and modernist vivacity,  while seamlessly integrating elements of experimental metal, ethereal pop, electroacoustics, and the unhinged spirit of improvisation. Simms has a remarkable gift for crafting music that is simultaneously accessible and brusquely uncompromising and Bestiaries serves a concise and dynamic introduction to her evocative body of work.

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