Jessica Ackerley — Morning / mourning
(out May 28th, 2021 on Cacophonous Revival Recordings)

Genre(s): Solo Guitar, Improvised Music, Free Jazz, Experimental
RIYL: Ashley Paul, Derek Bailey, Tashi Dorji, Loren Connors, Lenny Breau

Press Release

Jessica Ackerley : Website | Bandcamp
Cacophonous Revival : Bandcamp

ABOUT: This richly textured solo guitar offering serves as an intense and intimate portrait of Jessica Ackerley’s sonic personality. The Canadian-American guitarist and composer became a fixture of the New York scene, performing alongside the likes of Tyshawn Sorey, Daniel Carter, Marc Edwards, Luke Stewart, Ryan Sawyer, Gabby Fluke-Mogul, Nick Fraser, Elisa Thorn at venues including the The Stone, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Blue Note. She was recently featured on Adult Swim’s compilation New Jazz Century alongside heavyweights such as Matana Roberts, Anna Webber, Makaya McCraven, and Jaimie Branch.

Recorded during a period of self-isolation, the music on Morning / mourning confronts grief and questions of identity, while paying homage to two of her primary mentors Vic Juris and Bobby Cairns—both of whom passed away recently. The result is a nuanced and idiosyncratic collection of work that embraces lyricism and sonic exploration in equal measure, its poignant and personal performances only amplified by the way in which they were captured.

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